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    Well they never have been partial to a strong orange.
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    This was posted on @kerryfail The irony is almost painful!
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    Long may it continue like this. You see someone done a league table since the turn of the year? Hibs, Killie, Rangers and then Celtc in total points. This isn’t new bad form, this is their genuine form.
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    Can't believe Coulibaly was overlooked.
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    3-1 in the end. If he's still there at Christmas I'll be amazed.
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    What an absolute crock of shit. I wonder if he’ll still “belong to Glasgow” once we start beating them. Same with wee Edna. She’ll be the first to boot him out the door.
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    Some very good golf played this morning highlight probably Rose chipping in from what looked to be a position that could cause a problem
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    Personally thought he was hopeless last night once again they was allowed to leave a foot in Kent must have woken up this morning thinking he was in a MMA fight last night not a game of football yet they didn’t receive a single yellow card. Morelos deserved his yellow but if Madden done his job probably and award the free kick the situation never happens. it must be frustrating for our players who get continually kicked,fouled etc with no protection from the ref yet the simplest of foul and we find players booked
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    I dont remember it being terrible, but when you win by a large margin it's easier to wash over the poor decisions. Some think a yellow for Morelos was harsh but personally I think he put himself in the position again where the ref could legitimatly card him.
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    The guys a fantasist. From the old woman at the Dakota before every game to the Rangers fans in the Clyde Tunnel. “I’ve met Rangers supporters and, in the main, they have been very good. “I remember sitting in a bit of traffic in the Clyde Tunnel. There was an incident which meant all the cars were stopped. “I saw this guy coming out of his car in a blue top and I thought, ‘Here we go’. “But he said, ‘I just wanted to say thank you for coming up to Scottish football. I’m a Rangers supporter but you’re a breath of fresh air up here’. “So I thought, ‘Right, get me out of this tunnel quick!’ No, it’s been great. “But the biggest is probably an old lady Patsy, who is in her 70s. She stands outside our hotel for every game we play whether it’s raining, whether it’s snowing, covered up with Celtic gear. She wears her Brendan hat, her Brendan scarf. Her son came up to me not so long ago and said ‘Thank you so much, you’ve given her a new lease of life’. That makes me as happy as picking up a trophy.
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    All those counting on lafferty to score. he can’t he’s cup tied
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    Repeat after me.........'Scottish football does not need Rangers'...............
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    Probably the right pick with his experience and at home he's going to get the crowds going, as he always does although it's possibly one of the most diversely European Ryder Cups ever - with it being held in France with a Swedish captain it will be interesting to see how up for it the crowds are. You have to go back to when Seve was captain and more than half the team was European to see something similar in the makeup of the team but it wasn't the same electric atmosphere back then.
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    He’s currently ranked 34th in the world, better than some others in the team. Considering the world rankings are made up, that’s some achievement as he was 184th 2 years ago. He’s been very good this season and his Ryder Cup pedigree just adds to that.
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    "5-1 at home remember when we used to do that to teams. However the huns do something we do not they go and attack teams instead of passing the ball between defence and midfield sideways and backwards." "We are trying hard to lose a one horse race, by falling off the horse." "People invoking Deila's name again and again are having a laugh. It was poor but Deila never oversaw a run of garbage football like this." "It seems we are on our way to losing the league.." "Get Lenny back , this week." Plenty more where these came from. Best entertainment you'll find tonight.
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    Tav reacts to the Killie v scum result
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    And they didn’t use their disco lights.....
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    I don't disagree with you, they have been atrocious tonight.
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    5.55pm and 8pm kick offs in the Champions League. The armchair fan is more important than the ones who go every other week.
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    Alloa come from behind to knock Scumdee Utd out of the Challenge Cup on pens. Tee hee.
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    See stuff like this winds me up. Teams get fined for fans singing stupid songs, yet Uefa are happy to allow bigoted countries to participate. No team from Azerbaijan should be allowed to play.
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