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    I know it's only 3 games in but Hearts have St Mirren at home this weekend, we could see ourselves up to 7 points behind them come Sunday. Any sort of result against Celtic is needed, just to keep the momentum going. The problem we have at the moment is the players legs, we have played way more games than anyone else already this season and it's showing lat on in games.
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    All the talent that Man Utd have, especially attacking wise and he still sets his team up not to lose, rather than to win games. Someone like Pochettino will get that job.
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    He only seems to be able to lose the dressing room these days.
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    eff knows but I'm pissed off Eleven Sports won the rights to show the Italian games from BT Sport. I loved sitting down to watch a Serie A game on a Sunday night.
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    I’d imagine for TV reasons?
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    True but psychologically it’s going to be a big game. We’ve been on somewhat of a high while Celtic on a downward spiral. If we lose next week they go 4 points ahead which would knock our confidence and send theirs right back up. I’m not saying we’d have to throw the towel in if we lose but it would be a sore hit and would kill a lot of the momenteum.
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    Altogether now the cry was no defenders
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