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  1. greyhareuk

    New structure coming for the Eredivisie

    Not for me. Our fans go to games and fund our club, who then invest it to get into Europe. Why should our supporters fund other clubs? When small teams get to finals their fans appear in thousands. It’s up to THEM to fund their team, not us. Always hated the Dutch league and the play off system. Euro places should be decided on your performances over the full season, not a play off.
  2. greyhareuk

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    The quote I seen attributed to him was something like, “How can I rule myself out of a job I haven’t been officially ruled in to”. Which is completely ridiculous. I imagine he see’s himself as a top tier, EPL manager which he is not. Already seen comments saying he should wait for the Man Utd job...
  3. greyhareuk

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Vienna are 15 points behind Salzburg in the league. We really need to be winning tonight before we mock them!
  4. greyhareuk

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Now 2-1 Salzburg!
  5. greyhareuk

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    They don’t really? 2 defeats and a draw out of 7 is pretty poor for them.
  6. greyhareuk

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    And totally over rated. I doubt they paid anywhere near the £9m mark for him, but if they did then they were completely bumped.
  7. greyhareuk

    Livingston v Rangers Sunday 30th September 13:30 Kick off

    2-0 Rangers Morelos Lafferty
  8. greyhareuk

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Maybe wasn’t 3-0, but there honestly isn’t a more predictable out come in any fixture.
  9. greyhareuk

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Celtc will beat Aberdeen comfortably. 3-0 IMO. McInnes is petrified of them.
  10. greyhareuk

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    1-1, Chris Burke with a cracking finish.
  11. greyhareuk

    The Champions League 2018/19 Thread

    Exactly, BT (or whoever) can now have two ‘Premium’ games and the rest on demand rather than 1. Pure shite, but makes so much business sense.
  12. greyhareuk

    Douglas Costa - Disgraceful

    4 game ban. Well that is a farce.
  13. greyhareuk

    Douglas Costa - Disgraceful

    It gives zero context whatsoever. There shouldn’t even be a conversation about the other player as that only comes across as justification. No provocation in the world justifies spitting.
  14. greyhareuk

    Rangers v Dundee Saturday 15th September 3pm Kick off

    4-0 Rangers Morelos (2) Ejaria Goldson
  15. greyhareuk

    Murrayfield v Hampden

    Probably say smaller games/friendlies will tour the country, with Zero investment into Hampden...

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