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  1. moiphy

    Rangers v Hearts Sunday 7th October 3pm kick off

    Rangers 2 - 2 Hearts Morelos, Lafferty
  2. Livi 1 - 3 Rangers Morelos, Middleton, Tavernier
  3. moiphy

    Ryder Cup

    Looking forward to highlights then some live action over the weekend.
  4. moiphy

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    A guy I used to work with made decent money from sticking a score on Griffiths to score first every game for a while. Think that's 4 on the bounce now he's been FGS.
  5. Rangers 4 - 0 ayr Sadiq, dorrans, Kent, Middleton
  6. moiphy

    Rangers v St Johnstone 23rd September 3pm Kick off

    Rangers 2 - 0 St Johnstone Lafferty, Arfield
  7. moiphy

    The Champions League 2018/19 Thread

    I don't like it as an armchair fan. I liked the 8 games at once on by sport. It's too much of a rush to get home and ready for a night in front of the telly, never mind the folk that need to get to the game for 6pm. Why change it?
  8. moiphy

    The Champions League 2018/19 Thread

    Messi's free kick tonight was absolutely delightful.
  9. moiphy

    Celtic v Rangers 2nd Sept 12 noon Kick off

    Celtc 1 - 2 Rangers Morelos 28min, Lafferty Jack booking 36min
  10. moiphy

    Murrayfield v Hampden

    They should take the plunge and redevelop the stadium to more rectangular and less bowl shaped. Murrayfield isn't the answer, fixing Hampden is.
  11. moiphy

    A wee football quiz

  12. moiphy

    The Europa League 2018/19 Thread

    A lot of ties hanging in the balance there.
  13. Motherwell 1 - 3 Rangers Morelos, Kent, Lafferty

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