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  1. Iggybumtastic

    New structure coming for the Eredivisie

    It looks like the astro pitches could be going anyway, the players seem to be banding together to try and get rid of them.
  2. Iggybumtastic

    New structure coming for the Eredivisie

    This is my main point. Scottish football is just far too filled with hate to get this sort of thing sorted. The bitterness and resentment for me will eventually be it's downfall.
  3. Loving this, clubs putting what's best for the game ahead of self interest. Never gonna happen in Scotland.
  4. Iggybumtastic

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Money, same reason he's at Celtc. Villa can easily afford to bank roll him too with their new owners.
  5. Iggybumtastic

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Almost everywhere now reporting that Villa will approach Celtc for Rodgers, the BBC going with him ruling himself out though, simply because he said he is enjoying Celtc and has more to do there. Some awful pishy pishy pish reporting going on there.
  6. Iggybumtastic

    The English Football Thread

    Mourinho has been left behind I think. He had a formula, very similar to Brian Clough back in the day, spine of the team, big massive cunts then build around them. In recent times passing, moving and fluidity in attack have proven to be better. It is swings and roundabouts with these things though, tactics evolve but he hasn’t. If he let that Man Utd squad loose, they could be devastating, sadly, he won’t, his ego will get in the way. I agree with the player stuff too, occasionally a player needs a public flogging but he seems to be doing it all too often, Luke Shaw, Chris Smalling, Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez.
  7. Iggybumtastic

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    More of this https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/734733/Aston-Villa-EXCLUSIVE-Celtc-Brendan-Rodgers-Steve-Bruce-Championship
  8. Iggybumtastic

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Challenge accepted, challenge complete. Up ye Celtc.
  9. Iggybumtastic

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Just seen the Celtc team for tonight and Scott Brown aside that’s pretty much their strongest 11. We should have nothing to fear from this mob, especially when you see their bench. We need a win at the weekend but kinda also hoping that Aston Villa feck about with Rodgers now that Steve Bruce has been given the bullet.
  10. Iggybumtastic

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Yup, probably a lot closer to £5-6m.
  11. Iggybumtastic

    Ryder Cup

    Yeah he was poor today at times. That being said, the course is incredibly difficult, especially with that wind in the afternoon. The winner of the French Open this year (Alex Noren) only finished -7 through 72 holes, it's as hard a course as there is on the European Tour.
  12. Iggybumtastic

    Ryder Cup

    Long may this continue.
  13. Iggybumtastic

    Ryder Cup

    Just me in here but feck it. Molinari/Fleetwood partnership starting to come together, finished strongly in the Fourballs and started great in the Foursomes.
  14. Iggybumtastic

    Ryder Cup

    McIlroy absolutely nowhere near it today, only player on the course not to have had a birdie.
  15. Iggybumtastic

    Ryder Cup

    Hatton has finally shown up, Casey keeping that match close, then wins 2 holes and Hatton wins another to get back to A/S after being 3 down.

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