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  1. BuddyTheElf

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Neil McCann sacked as Dundee manager. Brendan Rodgers early favourite to take over.
  2. BuddyTheElf

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    I don't think he'll leave. Why would he drop down the Championship? He sees himself as a Premier League manager.
  3. BuddyTheElf

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    The Daily Star!!
  4. BuddyTheElf

    The English Football Thread

    Mourinho has spat the dummy again. He's embarrassing himself at every press conference and interview now. It's never his fault. He never takes the blame and calls out numerous players for their performance. He's going the same way as Wenger. The game is passing him by but he's to stubborn to change. Can't wait until he leaves so we don't need to listen or watch him moan like feck all the time.
  5. BuddyTheElf

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    The Jeweller.
  6. BuddyTheElf

    Ryder Cup

    Fowler has been awful this afternoon. He's playing to the standard of a low handicapper. Some of his shots are total shanks.
  7. BuddyTheElf

    Ryder Cup

    Europe looking better this afternoon.
  8. BuddyTheElf

    Ryder Cup

    I think opposite. They usually win a couple of morning games in the 1st day by at least 4 up.
  9. BuddyTheElf

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    I caught the last 20 minutes of the 90 and the entire extra time. Hibs had the possession but Aberdeen had two absolute clear cut chances. Hibs have a wee dangerous winger. Fast, skilful and direct. He caused the Aberdeen defence a few problems but it was his penalty that lost the tie.
  10. BuddyTheElf

    Ryder Cup

    Isn't Thomas Bjorn Danish?
  11. BuddyTheElf

    Ryder Cup

    He's been in decent form. Ian Poulter of old walks into the automatic slots easily. He's been totally off his game this year with the odd good week here and there.
  12. BuddyTheElf

    Ryder Cup

    Surprised Poulter got the nod this year. I get that he's a team player and gets his team mates and crowd going with his patriotism but his golf just hasn't been good enough. I think Europe will win.
  13. Can't believe Coulibaly was overlooked.
  14. BuddyTheElf

    The Europa League 2018/19 Thread

    Only if we win againat St Johnstone. Two big ifs.
  15. BuddyTheElf

    The Champions League 2018/19 Thread

    Money. Money.

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