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  1. bowman

    Rangers v Hearts Sunday 7th October 3pm kick off

    Rangers 0 Hearts 1
  2. bowman

    The English Football Thread

    Agree he never takes any blame and throws his players under a bus he’s turned an arrogant knob with a massive ego.
  3. bowman

    Ryder Cup

    Well done to Europe but a great weekend of golf all round. Seemed strange watching the last pair play out the last few holes while everyone was jumping about celebrating
  4. 2-1 Rangers Morelos Lafferty
  5. bowman

    The English Football Thread

    Man U 2-0 down to west ham has José lost another dressing room starting to look that way
  6. bowman

    Ryder Cup

    Another good morning for Europe with the tight fairways and the wind made it very difficult more so for th America’s
  7. bowman

    Ryder Cup

    Some very good golf played this morning highlight probably Rose chipping in from what looked to be a position that could cause a problem
  8. bowman

    The Refereeing Standards Thread

    Personally thought he was hopeless last night once again they was allowed to leave a foot in Kent must have woken up this morning thinking he was in a MMA fight last night not a game of football yet they didn’t receive a single yellow card. Morelos deserved his yellow but if Madden done his job probably and award the free kick the situation never happens. it must be frustrating for our players who get continually kicked,fouled etc with no protection from the ref yet the simplest of foul and we find players booked
  9. Rangers 3-1 Ayr Dorrans,Middleton,Kent
  10. bowman

    Rangers v St Johnstone 23rd September 3pm Kick off

    Rangers 3 St Johnston 1 Morelos,Dorrans,Grezda
  11. bowman

    The Refereeing Standards Thread

    Unbelievable decision but at the same time doesn’t one bit surprise me
  12. bowman

    Murrayfield v Hampden

    There’s a big problem with fixing/redevelopment of Hampden where’s the money to do it coming from
  13. bowman

    Murrayfield v Hampden

    Hampden is a rotten stadium but for me I would like them to move around playing at different grounds depending on the size of th game.
  14. bowman

    The English Football Thread

    There defence is absolutely woeful add in there’s a good few players that don’t look interested
  15. bowman

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    You could see it on Sunday in the second half our players looked knackered. one of my big worries is we have a squad where a very large part of it hasn’t played much football in the last season or so it’s ok playing 10-15 games but playing 40+ with a lot of traveling is a big ask

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