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  1. bigbadbry

    The Europa League 2018/19 Thread

    he's never out the bookies in Wallyford
  2. bigbadbry

    Douglas Costa - Disgraceful

    take it i would need FB to veiw the link then?
  3. bigbadbry

    Murrayfield v Hampden

    you've never been to a Granton star game then?
  4. bigbadbry

    Murrayfield v Hampden

    aye but who wants tae go to a fitbaw game in such a dangers city
  5. bigbadbry

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    15m is what im hearing.
  6. bigbadbry

    The European League Football Thread

    whats the reason the italian fitbaw KO times have moved from sunday 2pm to 7.30pm?

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