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  1. JanBartram

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    Nice one Killie!
  2. JanBartram

    Murrayfield v Hampden

    I think the SFA are playing games here to get the debate going about Hampden and to try and get some Scottish Government money ploughed in. What might happen is that the national games will be moved around the country and the finals moved to either Ibrox or Celtc Park whilst it gets redeveloped. After all the money ploughed into the South Stand at Hampden, I cannot see it being mothballed. The South Stand is fine for watching games, but anywhere else you need binoculars. When the stadium was first done up in the 1990's it was a quick fix. A ring of piles round it to support the new rusty steel roof, some concrete on the old terraces and some plastic seats. I don't think that much was spent.
  3. JanBartram

    The Rest of Scottish Fitba Thread

    If they do, that is a lot of money for a Centre Half who is a powerful line clearing hoofer and cannot distribute the ball. He gets caught in possession a lot.

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