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  1. PaulWill

    Dundee v Rangers Sunday 9th December 1:30 Kick off

    Dundee 1-1 Rangers Grezda
  2. PaulWill

    Rangers v Sheepshaggers Wed 5th December 7:45 Kick off

    Rangers 3-0 Aberdeen Tavernier, Morelos, Grezda
  3. St Mirren 2-1 Rangers Tavernier
  4. Rangers 2-0 Kilmarnock Tavernier, Morelos.
  5. PaulWill

    Rangers v Sheep LC Sun 28th October 4:30 Kick off

    Rangers 2-1 Aberdeen Kent, Arfield First Rangers goalscorer: Kent (64 minutes). First player booked: McKenna (23 minutes).
  6. PaulWill

    Hamilton v Rangers Sunday 21st October 13:30 kick off

    Hamilton 1-2 Rangers Kent, Tavernier
  7. Rangers 3-0 Ayr Morelos, Dorrans, Sadiq.
  8. PaulWill

    Rangers v St Johnstone 23rd September 3pm Kick off

    Rangers 2-0 St Johnstone Candeias, Tavernier
  9. PaulWill

    Winner of 2017/2018 predictions cation league

    Well done Kelloblue and thanks to BBE for sorting it all out. We'll hopefully get a few more involved this season! Enjoy Tenerife!
  10. PaulWill

    Celtic v Rangers 2nd Sept 12 noon Kick off

    Them 1-1 Rangers First Rangers goalscorer - Lafferty 67 minutes. First Rangers player booked - Jack 32 minutes.
  11. Motherwell 1-1 Rangers Morelos

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