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  1. kelloblue

    St Johnstone v Rangers Sunday 22nd September 12:15 Kick off

    ST Johnstone 1-4 Rangers, Defoe 2, Morelos 2.
  2. kelloblue

    Rangers v Livingston Saturday 14th August 3pm Kick Off

    Rangers 3-0 Livingston. Morelos 2, Kent.
  3. kelloblue

    St Mirren v Rangers Sunday 24th August 12:15 Kick Off

    ST Mirren0-3Rangers. Defoe, Morelos Katic
  4. kelloblue

    Rangers V Hibs Sunday 11th August 3pm Kick Off

    Forgot again to busy working today
  5. Can’t believe I forgot to post here today, playing catch-up already
  6. kelloblue

    Rangers v Celtic Sunday 12th May Noon Kick off

    Rangers 1-1 Them. Tavernier 17 mins, first player booked brown 19 mins.
  7. kelloblue

    Rangers v Aberdeen Sunday 28th April 3pm Kick off

    Rangers 3-1 Aberdeen. Defoe 2, Arfield
  8. kelloblue

    Hearts v Rangers Saturday April 20th 12 noon kick off

    Hearts 2-2 Rangers. Tavernier,Defoe.
  9. kelloblue

    Motherwell v Rangers Sunday 7th April 12:30

    Motherwell 1-3 Rangers. Tavernier, Arfield , Defoe.
  10. kelloblue

    Celtic v Rangers Sunday, 31st Mar 2019, 12:00pm

    1-1 Rangers. Morelos 17 mins. Booked Halliday 12 mins.
  11. kelloblue

    Hibs v Rangers Friday 8th March 7:45 Kick off

    Hi s 1-1 Rangers. Morelos
  12. kelloblue

    Sheep v Rangers Scottish Cup Sunday 3rd March 1:30 Kick off

    Aberdeen 1-2 Rangers. Morelos, Tavernier.
  13. kelloblue

    Rangers v Dundee Wednesday 27th February 7:45 Kick off

    Rangers 4-0 Dundee. Morelos 2, Kent, Tavernier.
  14. kelloblue

    Hamilton v Rangers Sunday 24th February 12:15 Kick off

    Hamilton 0-3 Rangers. Defoe, Kent, Tavernier.
  15. Rangers 2-1 Kilmarnock. Morellos, Kent

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