Letter from Gerrard

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Letter from Gerrard

Post by Watp » Thu Apr 30, 2020 7:32 pm

THANK you for your incredible backing in season 2019/20 so far. Your loyalty will never be taken for granted and we are desperate to reward you for that loyalty.

These times are unlike any we have witnessed before. The UK faces challenges never experienced in our generation, certainly since the Second World War.

Our city of Glasgow is a proper football city, and Rangers are a proper football club. I grew up in a resilient city. I played football in a resilient city. I am now proud to manage in a resilient city.

Football makes a city, Rangers makes Glasgow.

I know nothing but football clubs who have faced down periods of incredible difficulty, but like our cities, because of your support, we will come through again, stronger than before.

That is what makes us who we are. We fight back to be even stronger when times are hard. Rangers gives us all something to rally around – that is why I am here.

I have experienced many cauldron-like atmospheres. Ibrox is a proper football stadium and your support makes all the difference.

I need only take myself back to our Europa League win over Braga. Our players delivered on that night, but it was your backing which drove them on from 2-0 down. That is proper football.

There are few grounds in world football capable of doing that. Ibrox is very much one of them and we need that backing as Rangers is nothing without you. It really is one special place and I am absolutely sure that you, just the same as I, cannot wait to be back there.

This current crisis has created unprecedented challenges. Players and senior staff have shown their loyalty to our club in recent weeks, and now we want to reward you for your loyalty to us. I am therefore delighted we have frozen the price of season tickets and have extended the deadline for applications.

There are more chapters to be written in our story. We can only do that together.

We will be ready for whatever challenges come our way in season 2020/21, whenever that begins.

We need you to be ready too.

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