Castore Scandal

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Castore Scandal

Post by Jack Sparrow » Sat Aug 22, 2020 12:26 pm

Obviously they were going to have difficulties getting an entire range designed and produced in massive volume at short notice to meet the demand, worsened by the effects of the pandemic here and in other countries.

IMO they should've released replica kits and training gear only and left the lifestyle stuff until next year when things are more settled and could've been delivered properly.

Selling stock sweatshirts with an ironed on logo at £50+, or having logos/badges peeling off is really not on and people don't deserve to be fleeced like this. Yes they are marketing themselves as a 'premium' brand but it has exposed them as nothing of the sort.

I was looking forward to buying the kids a top each and maybe a training top or similar for myself but I don't think I'll bother until this is all rectified.

Anyone bought any of their range so far and had any issues with it?

Castore Update via SLO here: ... 6387486720

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